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The Fruit Garden in June


This is a time when when vigilance is necessary to contend with the numerous pests and diseases that can be can be prevalent in the fruit garden at this time of the year.

Note: As with most advice on gardening the advisors location will often influence the content of the advice.

To alleviate this problem I have produced this chart indicating how you can make adjustments to the timing of events as seen in this website.

I hope you find this useful! .......Tg

Week 23 - 3rd Jun. to 9th Jun.

Control weeds by shallow hoeing, and remove suckers from Plum and Damson trees.

Apply slug bait to deter damage to Strawberry fruits, and net plants to protect them from birds.

Feed Containerised fruit trees.

Be on the look out for Pests and Diseases.

Week 24 - 10th Jun. to 16th Jun.

Thin out Grape bunches.

Ensure that Peach / Nectarine trees are not drying out!

Continue picking Rhubarb stems from unforced plants for a few more weeks, then leave plants to replenish their reserves.

Watch out for developing flower stems on Rhubarb plants and cut them away at the base as soon as they are visible.

Week 25 - 17th Jun. to 25th Jun.

Harvest Strawberries as they become ripe.

Thin out Peach / Nectarines, this can improve the size and quality of those that are left to grow on.

Week 26 - 24th Jun. to 30th Jun.

Apply a systemic fungicide to Apple trees to deter mildew, and scab.

Spray Blackberry, Loganberry, Raspberry, Tayberry, to prevent cane spot disease.

Keep an eye out for signs of Wooly aphid on Apple trees.

Protect Plum and Damson trees from birds and wasps.

Feed Peach / Nectarine trees.

Thin fruit on Pear trees.

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