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Growing 'Indoors' or 'Under glass' in November


A time for cutting down on the watering of plants in preparation for winter storage.

Similarly fetch tender containerised plants into the greenhouse for winter protection.

Note: As with most advice on gardening the advisors location will often influence the content of the advice.

To alleviate this problem I have produced this chart indicating how you can make adjustments to the timing of events as seen in this website.

I hope you find this useful! .......Tg

Week 45 - 3rd Nov. to 9th Nov.

Plant up new Freesia and Narcissus / Daffodil bulbs.

Support established Freesia plants.

For early flowering fetch potted Primula plants indoors.

Move Agapanthus and Christmas cropping potatoes into greenhouse for the winter.

Week 46 - 10th Nov. to 16th Nov.

Move indoor plants to a well lit area for the winter.

Week 47 - 17th Nov to 23rd Nov.

Prune Indoor Grape vines between now and the New Year.

Check bowls of bulbs being grown for winter decoration in the home.

Week 48 - 24th Nov. to 30th Nov.

Pot up small plants of Chives, Marjoram, Sage and Thyme to grow on for winter use in the kitchen.

Cut down potted Chrysanthemums after flowering.

Check over Pelargoniums and remove dead leaves and generally tidy the plants up.

Check stored Dahlia tubers for pests and disease.

Ease of watering and feeding indoor foliage plants until spring.