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Growing 'Indoors' or 'Under glass' in January


This month is about preparation for the growing season ahead!

This means ensuring that heating and ventilation is suited to what is to be grown/sown, Pots/Trays and containers are all cleaned and ready for use, and seed composts are stored in a relatively warm place to warm up before their eventual use.

Note: As with most advice on gardening the advisors location will often influence the content of the advice.

To alleviate this problem I have produced this chart indicating how you can make adjustments to the timing of events as seen in this website.

I hope you find this useful! .......Tg

Week 1 - 1st Jan. to 7th Jan.

If not done previously insulate greehouse with bubble wrap or similar.

Ensure that potted Azaleas have not dried out!

Check over Begonia tubers, Pelargoniums, Winter lettuce.

Prune Indoor Grape vines.

Week 2 - 8th Jan. to 14th Jan.

Check over stored Dahlia tubers and cut out any diseased parts and discard.

Inspect heaters and Warming cables to ensure they are working properly.

Fetch a few Convallaria into the warmth of the home or greenhouse.

Start up potted Osteospermum.

Week 3 - 15th Jan. to 21st Jan.

Ensure that the greenhouse is maintaining the desired Temperatures and is well Ventilated when necessary.

Pot back stored Fuchsia plants, if not done prior to placing them in winter storage.

Be on the look out for pests! In particular Red Spider mite.

Week 4 - 22nd Jan. to 28th Jan.

Pot up previous years Gardenia seedlings.

Untie Grape vine rods.

Check over Gladioli and discard any that are rotting / diseased.

For an early crop fetch a few Strawberry plants into the greenhouse for forcing.

Similarly, pot up a few Potatoes.