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The Ornamental Garden in September


As the season begins to draw to a close for another year, now is the time to be thinking about next year.

Many plants will benefit from being divided and replanted while the soil is still relatively warm, plus there there is the clearing away and composting of spent plants.

Note: As with most advice on gardening the advisors location will often influence the content of the advice.

To alleviate this problem I have produced this chart indicating how you can make adjustments to the timing of events as seen in this website.

I hope you find this useful! .......Tg

At any time this month:

Divide and replant Arabis, Aubretia, Eremurus, Cranesbill/Geraniums, Rhodohypoxis and Zantedeschia if required.

Most perennials will benefit from being divided every three to four years, do this by lifting and dividing the clumps, and discarding the old central section, then simply re-plant the newer outer pieces, into freshly prepared soil.

Week 36 - 2nd Sept. to 8th Sept.

Plant out Alyssum saxatile, Anacyclus, Anemone, Bellis, Cytisus, Eremurus and Euonymus.

Cut back established Alyssum saxatile and Arabis after flowering.

Prune Lonicera.

Move / Transplant Azaleas if required.

Sever Dianthus layers if rooted.

If required,plant out new Buxus/Box hedging.

Pinch out tips of Chieranthus / Wallflower.

Prepare bed to recieve Primulas.

Week 37 - 9th Sept. to 15th Sept.

Plant out Hebe, Hedera, Hyacinth, and Iris reticulata.

Naturalise some hardy spring bulbs into the lawn.

Divide Violets.

Week 38 - 16th Sept. to 22nd Sept.

Prior to Planting out, prepare the planting area/s by forking in a little slow release fertiliser into the soil, e.g. Bonemeal.

Plant out Aubretia, Aucuba, Canterbury Bells, Caryopteris, Catananche, Conifers, Cotoneaster,Mahonia, Pinaceae, Primula.

Take this opportunity to fill gaps in the border where previous plants have died.

Pot up a few Ageratum to give some early spring flowers.

Prune rambling / climbing rose varieties when they have finished flowering.

Prepare a spot for new Clematis plants.

Collect Lonicera berries / seeds.

Fetch potted Brugmansia / Datura indoors for the winter.

Deadhead / trim Lavender.

Cut down Sidalcea to 300mm (12") above ground level soon after flowering, to encourage the production of lateral flowering shoots.

Week 39 - 23rd Sept. to 29th Sept.

Tidy up or prune Carnations and Roses.

Collect Lily bulbils if required.

Finish dividing and re-planting plants described in the list above.