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Miscellaneous Tasks in December


Like last month, this month is about getting tasks done in preparation for the onset of winter, and next year's growing season.

Note: As with most advice on gardening the advisors location will often influence the content of the advice.

To alleviate this problem I have produced this chart indicating how you can make adjustments to the timing of events as seen in this website.

I hope you find this useful! .......Tg

At any time this month:

Check that tree ties and supports are secure.

Get powered lawn mowers serviced.

Avoid walking on frosted Lawns.

Keep a breather hole in ice covered Ponds.

Erect windbreaks to protect less than hardy plants.

If not already done, sit Containers / Planters to improve drainage.

Pot up rooted Christmas tree.

Week 49 - 1st Dec. to 7th Dec.

Send off for seed / plant catalogues if you have not already done so!

Week 50 - 8th Dec. to 14th Dec..

Adjust Greenhouse Heating and Ventilation to avoid drastic fluctuations in temperatures.

Root prune fruit trees if necessary.

Keep sheds, greenhouses and coldframes clear of leaves and other rubbish that will create winter quarters for mice and other rodents.

Set traps near to stored produce.

Continue clearing ground of spent crops and rough dig it, providing soil and weather conditions allow.

Week 51 - 15th Dec. to 21st Dec.

Check out condition of Containers and Planters, wash / clean the best ones, and discard unusable / damaged ones.

Apply a proprietary winter wash to dormant deciduous shrubs and trees.

Week 52 - 22nd Dec. to 31st Dec.

Clean and overhaul lawnmowers and garden tools.

Check and insulate if necessary exposed water pipes.

Continue clearing leaves and Wormcasts from Lawns if necessary.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!