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Welcome to ‘The Gardener's Almanac’ a Website that has been designed and built for both the experienced and inexperienced Gardener alike.

Its main purpose is to give Gardeners ‘Prompts’ and ‘Guidance’ on when, and how to carry out Gardening Tasks throughout the year.

Hence the logo: "The place to find out what to do in the Garden this Week".

Information Source:

The bulk of the information, in particular, the ‘Timings & Durations’ are a summary of data taken from the author’s ‘Diaries’ over a period of 35+ years

During these years he noted down the cultural aspects of his Garden and Allotment experiences in the diaries, then summerised the data to form the core information displayed on this website.

Site Navigation:

Where necessary the photos throughout this website, were edited using Luminar AI Software which you can see here;


Finally, as with much Gardening literature, location can play a large part in the accuracy of the data therein!

To this end, the author has produced this Reference Chart that will allow the reader to adjust the information given in these pages to suit his / her own location.

A few words of advice when using the information on this Website;

"Let Common Sense prevail"

It is not imperative, to carry out any task/s at the times shown in this Almanac simply because it says so.

If the weather or soil conditions are not in a fit state to carry out the task/s stated, then delay the timing until such times as they are.