The Vegetable Garden in November


Like last month, this month is about harvesting and tidying up and progessing winter digging before winter sets in.


Week 45 - 3rd Nov. to 9th Nov.

Sow an autumn sowing variety of Broad beans in open ground.

Potato tubers in containers for cropping at christmas should be moved to a frost-free area.

Divide Rhubarb if necessary.

If not done already,support Brussels Sprouts particularly in exposed / wndy sites.


Week 46 - 10th Nov. to 16th Nov.

Lift Chicory roots from now until December for forcing.


Week 47 - 17th Nov. to 23rd Nov.

In milder areas, sow round-seeded Peas.


Week 48 - 24th Nov. to 30th Nov.

Split Chives and replant division immediately.

Dig up a few small Marjoram, Sage and Thyme plants from the garden and pot up to grow on for winter use.

Harvest Kale if required.


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