The Vegetable Garden in September


A month for harvesting, and preparing for the following years crops.


Week 36 - 2nd Sept. to 8th Sept.

Cut back Asparagus foliage.

Bend tops of Onions to assist ripening process.

Continue earthing up Celery as necessary.


Week 37 - 9th Sept. to 15th Sept.

If not done previously, plant out Spring Cabbage and Spring Cauliflower.


Week 38 - 16th Sept. to 22nd Sept.

Lift a root of maincrop potatoes to check on size and suitability for harvesting.

Commence harvesting Pumpkins and Squash if ripened.


Week 39 - 23rd Sept. to 29th Sept.

Lift and dry maincrop Onions.

Prepare bed for Japanese Onions.



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