The Vegetable Garden in February


This month is usually governed by the weather, and on occasions one might be tempted to do some preparatory work on a nice dry sunny day, but beware!

Do not dig if the soil is frozen or saturated, as this can be detrimental to the soil structure at a later date!


Week 5 - 29th Jan. to 4th Feb.

Cover Spring Cabbage and Spring Cauliflower with netting or humming lines if not done previously.

Check over Seed Potatoes for sign of rotting or pests / disease.


Week 6 - 5th Feb. to 11th Feb.

Protect the developing curds of winter cropping Cauliflower from frost by breaking a leaf or two and bending them over the curd.

Support sprouting Broccoli plants wth stout stakes to reduce the risk of being blown over.


Week 7 - 12th Feb. to 18th Feb.

If the weather and soil conditions are suitable complete preparing beds for seeding sowing and planting out.


Week 8 - 19th Feb. to 25th Feb.

If soil conditions allow, prepare trenches for Runner beans if not done earlier.

Plant out Jerusale Artichoke tubers if conditions allow.


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