Propagating Tasks in November


Subject to the weather and the heating facilities you have, propagating tasks are more or less over for the current season.

Basically all that can be done now is look after any seedlings and cuttings you have propagated to date, and ensure that they are not subjected to sub zero temperatures.

Similarly, do not let them completely dry out, but equally, ensure that they do not become water-logged.


Week 45 - 3rd Nov. to 9th Nov.

Sow Iris sibiricae seeds.

Take Poppy / Papaver cuttings.

Carefully lift four to five year-old Rhubarb crowns when dormant and divide them.


Week 46 - 10th Nov. to 16th Nov.

Take Root cuttings from Phlox paniculata and Verbascum if conditions allow.


Week 47 - 17th Nov. to 23rd Nov.

There is still time to sow some Sweet pea seeds if not done previously.


Week 48 - 24th Nov. to 30th Nov.


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