Propagating Tasks in September


There is still time to sow a few perennials and take a few cuttings.


Week 36 - 2nd Sept. to 8th Sept.

Sow Lathyrus / Sweet Peas.

Prick out Ranunculus and Silene.

Take Colutea cuttings.

Divide and replant Arabis and Geraniums.

Layer Blueberry, Billberry, Cranberry and Garrya.

Check Carnation and Dianthus chinensis layers and sever if rooted.

Pot up Penstemon seedlings.


Week 37 - 9th Sept. to 15th Sept.

Sow Lettuce, Parsley and Violet seeds.

Take Camellia cuttings if required.

Remove any Sprekelia offsets that may have grown, singly or in threes (according to size), into 100mm (4") pots.


Week 38 - 16th Sept. to 22nd Sept.

Sow Convallaria and Lonicera seeds.

Pot up Ageratum and Laurus noblis (Bay) seedlings.

Divide Aubretia, Eremurus and Zantedeschia if required.

Take Bidens, Clerodendrum cuttings.

Collect Eucomis and Lonicera seeds if required.


Week 39 - 23rd Sept. to 29th Sept.

Sow Lily bulbils.

Divide Rhodohypoxis if required.


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