Propagating Tasks in July


Like last month now is a good time to take cuttings of many shrubs, biennials and perennials.


Week 27 - 1st Jul. to 7th Jul.

Take Abelia, Achimenes, Actinidia, Camellia, Cistus, Clematis, Hamamelis mollis, Hibiscus, Marjoram and Phlox (alpine) cuttings.

Prick out Althaea, Broccoli, Calabrese (autumn) Cauliflower, Oxalis, Sweet William, and Wisteria seedlings if large enough to handle.

Propagate new Strawberry plants by pegging down runners.

Layer Carnations.

Collect and sow ripe Allium, Delphinium and Silene seed.


Week 28 - 8th Jul. to 14th Jul.

Sow Cyclamen and Polygonatum seeds.

Chit a few potato tubers with a view to harvesting at Christmas.

Prick out Alyssum saxatile, Aquilegia, Chieranthus, and Wallflowerif large enough to handle.

Take Anacyclus, Blueberry, Billberry, Calluna/Heather, Ceanothus, Cordalyne, Cornus, Cranberry, Daphne, Deiffenbachia, Magnolia, Mahonia, Pansy and Philadelphus cuttings.

Divide Bearded Iris, Iris sibiricae and Leontopodium.

Collect and sow Colchicum, Digitalis, Leontopodium and Pulsitilla seeds / cormlets.

Pot up Cactus suckers/off-shoots.

Layer Blackberry, Chlorophytum, Loganberry and Tayberries.


Week 29 - 15th Jul. to 21st Jul.

Prick out Bellis, Cabbage (spring) and Pansies if large enough to handle.

Collect Mimulus seeds if required.

Layer Strawberries if not done peviously.

Place Calabrese and Cauliflower in Cold frame to Harden off.


Week 30 - 22nd Jul. to 28th Jul.

Collect and sow ripe Alstroemeria, Astrantia, Cotoneaster, Laurus noblis (Bay) and Pleione seed.

Sow Aubretia, Cauliflower (spring) Strawberries (alpine) and Viola seeds.

Prick out Albizia, Cauliflower (spring) Cineraria, and Delphiniums and Japanese Onions if large enough to handle.

Harden off Pansy plants.

Take Carnation, Choisya, Desfontainia, Fuchsia, Hebe, Hydrangea, Laurus noblis (Bay), Passiflora, Penstemon, Pieris, Rose and Sage cuttings.

Layer Celastrus, Laurus noblis (Bay), and Roses.

Sever Laurus noblis (Bay) layers, layered the previous year.

Divide Pacific Coast Iris.

Pinch out Gardenia seedlings.


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