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These planners have been drawn up to give an at a glance look of what should be sown,planted and harvested* at any given time of the year.(click on picture title to open planner)

They should only be used as a guide and not as hard fact, in other words: let common sense prevail.

Fruit & Vegetables
hh Perennials

As you will appreciate sowing/planting times** can be quite different across the UK due to ones own geographical location, this difference can be as much as four or five weeks between the north coast of Scotland and the south coast of England.

To cater for this anomally the writer has grouped the tasks in groups of four, where the timing of the first box might suit those in the south and the fourth box for those in the north.

If a grower finds that he/she can do these tasks / events say a week earlier, or indeed a week later, i.e. at a time to suit their own particular circumstances, then they could mentally place an imaginary box in front or behind the printed boxes and work to these dates.

* The times indicated for harvesting crops is when one would expect to commence harvesting rather than the duration of the harvest period, as this is often determined by the varieties and quantities grown.

** Generally late frosts are the governing factor in determining when many of these tasks can be done.

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