The Ornamental Garden in June


Most of the bedding plants should be planted out by now, so this month can be dedicated to tidying up and dividing established plants.

Then as always, try to keep on top of the Weeds, and be on the look out for Pests and Diseases.


Week 23 - 3rd Jun. to 9th Jun.

Plant out Canna and Petunia.

Pinch out tops of Salpiglossis plants to encourage them to bush up.

Tie in Clematis and Lilies as necessary.

Deadhead Roses, cut out any suckers and give plants a feed.

Commence feeding programme for Alstoemeria and Chrysanthemums.

Keep a look out for Azalea gall, Thrips and Spider mite, and viruses on Gladioli.

Keep a look out for Scarlet Lily beetles.


Week 24 - 10th Jun. to 16th Jun.

Divide Muscari if required.

Feed Alstroemeria, Celosia, Chrysanthemums and Zinnia.

Deadhead Lupins if flowers have faded.

Collect seed pods from Genista and Lupins (if required.)


Week 25 - 17th Jun. to 23rd Jun.

Cut Aquilegia stems down to ground level after flowering, and collect seeds if required.

Place potted Brugmansia / Datura outdoors for the summer.

Sow Chieranthus and Wallflower insitu.

Remove crown bud from Dahlias to promote bushyness.


Week 26 - 24th Jun. to 30th Jun.

Plant out Nerine.

Transplant Kniphofia into nursery bed.

Layer Azalea, and Rhododendrons.

Divide Calathea, Colchicums, Cyclamen, Iris reticulata, Lewisia, Primula and Strelitzia if required.

Secure bud on Chrysanthemums and fix greaseproof protective bags on early disbud varieties.

Feed Dahlias, Cimbing / Rambling roses.

Summer prune Hedera.

Be on guard for signs of pests and diseases on Polygonatum and Roses, treat plants if symptoms appear.


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