The Ornamental Garden in April


A busy month in prospect providing the weather is such, that it allows you the gardener, to do much more outdoors.

Again it must be said: Only carry out the following tasks if condititions are favourable.


Week 14 - 2nd Apr. to 8th Apr.

Prune Abelia, Camellia, Caryopteris, Clerodendrum, and Garrya if necessary.

Cut back Caryopteris, Penstemon.

Plant out Abelia, Cassiope, Lathyrus / Sweet Peas, Laurus noblis (Bay) Leontopodium, Magnolia, Pieris, and Wisteria if conditions allow.

Layer Abelia, Calluna / Heathers.

Divide Achillea, Cymbidium / Orchids, Delphiniums, Eryngium, Ferns, Gloxinia, Lupin, Osteospermum, Physostegia, and Sedum.

Give Colchicums a high nitrogen feed.

Mulch Physostegia and Polygonatum.


Week 15 - 9th Apr. to 15th Apr.

Apply a Mulch around Althaea and Camellia.

Remove winter protection from Ferns if conditions allow.

Feed Azaleas, Ferns and Hemerocallis.

Divide Gerbera, Heuchera, Hostas and Incarvillea if conditions allow.

Plant out Dierama if not done previously.

Cut out damaged Dierama leaves and flower stems if required.

Prune Hedera.

Prepare bed for Gladioli.


Week 16 - 16th Apr. to 22nd Apr.

Sow Alyssum seed insitu if soil conditions allow.

If conditions allow, plant out Buddlea, Canna, Crocosmia, Eleagnes, Garrya, Meconopsis and Physalis.

Lift and divide established Chionodoxa, Crocus, Physalis, and Sidalcea plants and replant the separated pieces immediately.

Collect Chionodoxa and Crocus seeds if required.

Cut back any frost damaged Choisya shoots.

Cut back / prune Azalea, Cornus, Lavender, Mahonia, Sedum and Nymphaea.

Top dress containerised roses.

Similarly,top dress flower beds with a General fertiliser in readiness for planting out.

Mulch Heuchera, Magnolia, Paeony and Pieris.

Commence feeding Wisteria.


Week 17 - 23rd Apr. to 29th Apr.

Once the flowers on Spring bulbs have faded,deadhead them to prevent them wasting energy producing seeds.

Do not remove the foliage at this stage!

After deadheading, sprinkle a granular fertiliser around the clumps or drench with a liquid fertiliser to give them a boost.

If conditions allow, plant out Agapanthus, Anchusa, Bamboo, Cortaderia, and Physostegia.

Divide Bamboo, Houtuynia, and Kniphofia if required.

Prune / Tidy up Eleagnes, Hydrangea if required.

Feed Narcissus / Daffodil.

Mulch Phlox paniculata.

Cut off faded Sedum flower heads down to ground level if not done previously.


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