Miscellaneous Tasks in September


This month is more about clearing up after the current growing season and preparing for the next.


At any time this month:

Compost spent crops and bedding plants as clearing up takes place.


Week 36 - 2nd Sep. to 8th Sep.

Remove excessive or dead aquatic growth, and all leaves floating on the surface of the Pond.

Thin out submerged oxygenators.

Divide and replant established marginal plants if necessary.

If fountains and cascades are not performing efficiently, remove submersible pumps and check the filter.


Week 37 - 9th Sep. to 15th Dep.

Check Garden structures to see if they are structuraly sound, repair as necessary.


Week 38 - 16th Sep. to 22 Sep.

Plant out Conifers anytime from now until April into their final quarters.


Week 39 - 23rd Sep. to 29th Sep.

Feed and Weed Lawns.


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