A Year on my Allotments


Welcome to Woodfield Park Allotment site the place where I gained much of the knowledge contained within this website.

I got my first allotments (Plots 6 & 7) in 1989 although as time went on I moved a around a bit as better quality allotments become available, eventually I ended up with two plots (Plots 20 & 21)

In 2014 I decided to cut back a bit so swapped Plot 21 for Plot 19 which is a half plot.

In 2018 I decided to cut back further and gave up Plot 19.

(Map courtesy of Google Maps) .

Woodfield Park Allotments

I have put the following slideshow together from pictures I have taken over a number years to show how an allotment can change over weeks, months and indeed years.

Most of the pictures were taken between the years of 2010 and 2015. (click on < *** > to advance / reverse the slideshow )

Welcome to Woodfield Park Allotments


Fruit Bed

Plot 19

Plot 19

Plot 20


12'x8' Greenhouse prior to preparation

12'x8' Greenhouse after preparation

Tunnel beds prior to preparation

Tunnel beds after preparation

Savoy Cabbage & Brussels Sprouts

Looking down Plot 21

Looking up Plot 20


Wind damaged 8'x6' Greenhouse

Wind damaged 28'x6' Greenhouse

Repaired 28'x6' Greenhouse

Plot 21 Covered with Snow

Plot 20 Covered with Snow

Fruit Bed Covered with Snow

Bird netting collapsed under snow

Repaired roof withstood weight of snow

Daffodil Bed

My three Greenhouses

Rhubarb under the snow

Fruit Bed

Looking up Plot 20


Rhubarb emerging

Rhubarb at the end of the month

Spring Cabbages

Daffodil border

Plants hardening off on temporary benches

Garlic bed

Plot 20 ready for planting

Plot 21 ready for planting


Apple blossom

Gooseberry bushes

Ring culture rings in place

Rings part filled with rotted manure

Rings topped off with potting compost

Tomato plants planted in rings

12'x8' Greenhouse ready for planting out

Sweet Pepper in bed + Climbing French beans in rings

Beds in tunnel ready for plants

Early crop of Lettuce and Climbing French beans

Carrots germinated in 28ft Greenhouse

Chilli plants in 28ft Greenhouse border

Tomato plants and early Lettuce in 8' x 6' Greenhouse

Preparing rings for Pumpkins & Courgettes

Rings prepared for Pumpkins & Courgettes

Late frost protection

Sweet Peas & Runner Bean Planted out, Peas sown.

Brassicas planted out

Swedes emerging and Celery protected

Brussels Sprouts planted out

Leeks planted out

Sweet Corn planted out

Plot 20 more or less planted out


Cape Gooseberries


Autumn Cropping Raspberries

Rhubarb bed

Strawberry bed



Tayberry flower heads

Sweet Peppers & Climbing French beans


Climbing French beans & Lettuce

Cucumber & Tomatoes

Tomatoes and Early Lettuce


Carrots & Parsnips sown in Barrels

Butternut Squash + Mid season Brassica seedlings

Sweet Peppers

Tunnel beds planted out

Beetroot,French beans & Broad beans

Chrysanthemum bed

Dahlia bed

Dwarf French beans

Garlic bed

Gladioli bed

Lettuce, Beetroot & Carrots

Maincrop Peas

Successional crop of Cauliflower & Calabrese

Sweet Corn

Cabbage & Garlic bed


2nd Early & Maincrop Potatoes

Early & 2nd Early Potatoes

Tomato plants progressing in Greenhouse border

Broad Beans

Brussels Sprouts

Potato Onions & Shallots

Sweet Peas coming into flower

Embryo Apples forming

Broad Beans, Runner Beans & Sweet Peas

Calabrese (Chevalier) heads forming

Cape Gooseberries

Carrots germinated

Cauliflower & Calabrese bed


Cucumber plants

Harvested Garlic drying on slatted bench

Gladioli bed

Fruiting Gooseberry bush

Leek bed

Onion bed

Onions beginning to swell

Looking up Plot 21

Strawberry bed


Sweet Corn bed

Loganberry bush


1st & 2nd early Potatoes

2nd early & Maincrop Potatoes


Climbing French beans (Cobra)

Lettuce,Radish & Beetroot

Sweet Peas

Tayberries ripening

Tomato trusses forming

Apples developing nicely

Asparagus bed

Aubergines fruiting

Brussels Sprouts

Cauliflower - Candid Charm

Cauliflower - Violetta

Dahlia bed

Melon forming

Onion bed

Maincrop Peas

Looking up Plot 20


Pumpkins forming

Spring cropping Brassicas

Butternut Squash

Sweet Peppers

Sweet Peppers forming

Sweet Corn bed

Tomatoes ripening - Gardener's Delight

Apple tree laden with fruit

Chilli Peppers

Leek bed

Late cropping Peas


Sweet Corn ripening

Sweet Corn cobs

Chrysanthemums in full bloom

Looking up Plot 21

Late cropping Peas

Savoy Cabbages & Brussels Sprouts


Ripe Pumpkins - Jack O' Lantern

Looking down Plot 21

Sweet Pepper harvest

Apple Harvest

Pink Fir Apple Potato crop


Winter Brassicas

Winter digging commenced

Brussels Sprouts

Looking up Plot 20

Bed prepared for Garlic planting

Cleared out 8'x6' Greenhouse ready for following season


First of the Frosts

Leek bed

Plot 19 prepared for following season

Looking up Plot 20

Some Vegetables harvested for Christmas Dinner

The End


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