My Garden & Allotments in December 2013


Another year about over where does time go?

Not much happened in December which is just as well as the weather was terrible at times with gale force winds and heavy rain.

Unlike some fellow gardeners, particularly those in the south of the UK I was not flooded out like some of them.

That is not to say that my plot didn't get rather wet so it was just as well I got my winter digging completed last month.

This month was mainly getting on with some maintenance (when the weather allowed)

I managed to move a few fruit bushes and top up the paths on my new plot with shredded wood chippings as you can see here:

Looking down from top left

Looking up from bottom left

Looking up from bottom right

Looking down from top right


To save you looking back to see the differences from previous blogs, this is how things looked then.

click on pictures to enlarge

I also managed to repair a couple of beds on my original plot and tie up the winter greens to protect them from the gale force winds.

Plus I continued harvesting Leeks and Brussels Sprouts from the plot I had given away.

I hope to clear this plot during the first week in January so that the new tenant has vacant possession.

I will freeze any produce that is left.


Looking down the plot
Looking up the plot

Leeks & Sprouts

for the Christmas dinner!

As I mentioned in a previous blog I have emptied part of my fruit bed and I am pleased to say that I got it dug and prepared for next season before the bad weather set in.

Looking across Fruit bed
Bed prepared for next season

As far as my garden at home was concerned there was very little to do other than place some of my more tender plants into the greenhouse for winter protection.

I have switched the fan heater on in the greenhouse set to maintain a frost free environment.

The setting I have used is 2°C which is approximately 35-36°F

I find this works quite well for the type of stuff I protect and is reasonably economical.

Tender Perennials
Spring Bulbs

This is how my garden looks today:
Click on picture to engage slide show.

As usual we have a few indoor plants on the go as you can see here:

Vase of Flowers
Christmas Tree

.......and that concludes my blog for December and 2013.

Now that I have completed a full year on the subject of My Garden and Allotments I am unsure at this time if I should continue with the same theme in 2014.

Perhaps I should find a new subject rather than repeat what will be pretty much the same as what I have covered in 2013.

Watch this space;.......................

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