My Garden & Allotments in August 2013


Generally August was a relatively warm month with temperatures getting into the high 20's °C (80's °F) at times.

There were a number of thundery storms during the month which might have been the reason for the humidity being relatively high.

I found that on the whole, the weather this month created good growing conditions, and this was most welcome.

For example, as I mentioned in previous blogs some of my stuff was a bit behind this year due to the long winter, well I am pleased to say that the weather over the last couple of months has brought things forward to the point where I would have expected them to be for the time of the year.

August I find is a rather easy going month in gardening terms as most of what I grow looks after itself, apart from doing a bit of weeding and watering, I found that I could sit back and relax a bit more.

This allowed me to watch the results from my efforts in previous months come to fruition, plus I was able to get out and about and visit a couple of gardens that I have always wanted to see.

Sheffield Botanic Gardens
Wentworth Castle Gardens

Well I think that is enough chit chat!

So without further ado let me show you a few pictures I have taken of my garden and allotments this month.

Like last month my slideshows are quite large and I put this down to the fact that there was lots to photograph.

As always, click on the pictures to enlarge the picture or engage a slideshow.

View of my back garden,

As always, I generally have a few bits and pieces growing indoors as you can see here:

Dried Allium Seed Heads
Sweet Peas

Gesneriad collection

Mirabilis jalapa
Mirabilis jalapa
Mirabilis jalapa

I mentioned above that things are pretty much back to some where near to where I would expect them to be in August.

For instance my first early potatoes are now finished and I have started lifting my my 2nd Early varieties and I am pleasantly happy with the quantities I am getting per root.

Surprising what a bit of sunshine and rain can do!

Early Potatoes

............and that concludes My blog for August 2013

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