My Garden & Allotments in July 2013


The month started off with temperatures of around 10°-15°C (50°- 60°F) then rose to around 30°C (85°F) in the middle ten days or so, then they dropped to around 15°-21°C (60°- 70°F) in the latter part of the month.

Generally July was a dry month, at least until the last three or four days of it, when we had thunder and lightning storms with torrential rain.

Locally around 36mm (1½") of rain fell in a twelve hour period, at its peak 15mm fell in 30-40 minutes causing serious flash flooding in some areas!

Luckily my garden and allotments were unaffected by flooding!

We have now passed the halfway point of the year and still some things are a little way behind, but I am pleased to report that I have harvested some produce as you will see later in this 'blog'

As reported last month my Sweet Peppers are still not progressing as I would like, particularly those being grown using the 'Ring Culture' method, which is strange because they have performed well using this method in previous years!

I have a suspicion that the compost pH is not quite right, I feel it may be on the acid side.

I watered 50% of them with Lime water and they seemed to have perked up a bit, so fingers crossed that I might still get a crop from them!

As always with my blogs I like to show progress in my garden and on my allotments with photgraphs rather than with text.

This month I have displayed my pictures more randomly in so far as I have not laid them out as a tour as I have done in previous months.

I put it this way, I see them as simply things that have happened at some time in my garden or on my allotments during the past month, so for simplicity I have laid them out more or less in alphabetical order.

I would also like to mention that my slideshows are a bit longer than normal this month.

I put this down to the fact that at this time of the year there is simply more things in the garden to photograph !

As always, click on the pictures to enlarge the picture or engage a slideshow.

The two panoramic picture below show how my back garden looked at the beginning of the month, and later towards the end of the month.

This Picture was taken on the 5th July:

and this one was taken on the 30th July:

Click on the pictures to get a wider look of my garden during the month.

Herbaceous Border
Lily - Stargazer

Indoors I have a collection of Gesneriads growing on the window cill of my office (Spare bedroom) these are a few that flowered this month;

The Collection

Aeschynanthus - Scooby Doo

Codonatathus - Tambourine

Columea x banksii -

The Goldfish Plant


add to these a few other pot plants scattered throughout the house:

Barrel Cactus

My Allotments:

As mentioned above I have been able to do some harvesting and as you will see I am already preparing for crops that will mature later this year and into next!

Click photo to start slideshow

The Butterfly Garden:

Thought you might want to have a little peak in here to see how Bella is enjoying the tranquility!


Looking up the garden
Looking across the garden
The Pond

.................and that concludes my 'blog' for July 2013

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