My Garden & Allotments in May 2013


Another month where we could say we had all the seasons in one month!

The month started off with sushine and temperatures in the 20's (70's) then there was a complete change with the temperature dropping to around 10°C (50°F)

In the third week it become slighlty warmer for a couple of days, then the temperatures dropped again, and included flurries of sleet and snow!

Then the end of the month was very unsettled with a mixture of wet and relatively mild weather.

Looking at the progress of many of my plants, it could be said that the weather has put them back around three to four weeks relative to the norm for this area.

For example;

I still have Tulips and a few Daffodils still in flower, when normally these would be dying back to allow me to get my annual bedding plants in!

Consequently my garden in is a state of limbo as it transforms from a Spring Garden to a Summer Garden as can be seen in the following picture:

click on picture to see more pictures of my garden during May!

Considering the weather conditions that my garden has been subjected to over the month, I was still rewarded with quite a lot of colour as can be seen by clicking on this picture >>

The following examples are items that cheer me up indoors, when the weather is inclement outdoors: (click on pictures to enlarge)

Arum Lily


I have two 'Dalek' type compost bins that I normally empty once a year, but like many chores this year, things are running a little late!

This year I found the contents of the bins which I use for my containerised plants, had not rotted down as much as they have done in previous years.

Rightfully or wrongly, I have reasoned that this might be yet another gardening event, or should that be non-event that could be put down to the cold wet weather we have had over the last twelve months?

I feel that there has been insufficient heat generated to decompose the contents!

Normally I return around 10-15% unrotted material which also returns worms, insect life, and bacteria needed to start the 'decomposition process' the following year, this year I had to put back around 30% of the contents.

Compost bins
Sieved Compost
Closer look
Compost bagged up

My Allotments;

When weather permitted I planted out plants that I have been rearing over the last couple of months.

It was not without some trepidation that I planted out some of these plants as I was still concerned about 'late frosts' killing the more tender varieties!

You will see in the following slide show how I went about protecting these plants in the early weeks of the month, then eventually the plants I did decide plant out in the end.

click on picture to engage slideshow

To finish of my trip around the allotments I thought you might like to see the site Butterfly Garden which is only a couple of years old but there are signs that it is beginning to mature, and hopefully it is going to be alive with wildlife this year.

Butterfly Garden
Pond & Bridge
Bughingham Palace
A couple of the residents

I have noticed that there are some minnows in the pond, and hopefully Bugingham Palace was filled with insect life over the winter.

Apparently bees have been seen using the Bee Boxes and a couple of the Nesting boxes are being utilised by Blue Tits.

So our efforts seem to be paying off!

.... and that concludes my blog for May 2013

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