My Garden & Allotments in April 2013


Another month over, or put another way, 25% of the year has come and gone!

April started with snow all around, but this eventually it disappeared to leave us with bitterly cold weather brought about by the easterly Siberian winds blowing in over the North Sea.

I garden on the eastern slopes of the Pennines so these winds noticably increased the wind chill factor.

Surprisingly once the snow had disappeared, I found that my Snowdrops and Crocus had survived quite well under the blanket of snow!

Speaking of Snowdrops!

This is the latest I have had them in bloom for many years, I think this has to be attributed to the cold weather!

Crocus & Snowdrops

Towards the end of the month the weather got somewhat warmer and the Daffodils appeared, sadly, I don't think these will last very long if the warmth increases too much!

Well at least I had a lengthy flowering period with my Snowdrops and Crocus I suppose I shouldn't complain.

As you will see in the attached slide show April was quite a colourful month, what with the Crocus, Polyanthus and Chionodoxa in bloom.

Click on pictures to engage slide shows.

Panoramic View of the Back Garden

April is a month where quite a lot is going on in the greenhouse as can be seen in the following slide show!

I don't grow as many flowers as I once did due to putting my garden over to mainly perennial flowers and shrubs!

However! With three greenhouses and two allotments I am kept quite busy propagating various fruit and vegetables.

Inside Greenhouse at Home

Meanwhile I have been involved in getting the allotments prepared to take the vegetable seedlings that are currently growing on in the greenhouses.

In producing this slide show i have placed the photos in an order that simulates you walking around my two allotments in a clockwise direction, hopefully, this will allow you to get a better idea of my how my plots are arranged!

Greenhouses on Allotments

Finally. to add to my external chores, I have a collection of house plants that need looking after which thankfully my wife does for me, thus allowing me to get on with other tasks around the garden and allotments!

During this month I managed to fit in a trip to the Harrogate Spring Show!

.... and that concludes my blog for April 2013

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