My Garden & Allotments in March 2013


March and winter is still with us, and just like January and February, we have had a right mixed bag in terms of the weather so not much happening outdoors in the garden and on the allotment.

Weather forecasters claimed March was the coldest for 50 years

Towards the end of the month temperatures struggled to make zero whereas they should have been around 12 °C in this area, add to this the wind chill factor with gusts up to 28mph, and this combination made it feel more like -8°C.

These conditions were brought about by warm fronts from the Atlantic laden with moisture hitting a huge cold block of air coming from Iceland, Greenland and Scandinavia, and ended up above Yorkshire or, more specifically, above my garden and allotments.

This produced a general snowfall of around 200-250mm (8”-10”), but the high winds caused much of this to form into 1.2-1.5m (4ft-5ft) drifts.

The near zero temperatures added to the problem as these prevented the snow from thawing, and as a consequence the snow lay over my garden and allotments preventing the flowering of my spring bulbs.

Here are a few pictures I took during this period: (click on pictures to enlarge)

A panoramic view of my back garden under snow.

View from back door
View right of back door
View left of back door
Entrance into back garden

But it was not all doom and gloom this month as thankfully my garden was decorated by those harbingers of spring the Snowdrop!

A Drift of Snowdrops
Clump of Snowdrops
Snowdrop in Close Up
Containerised Snowdrops

In the earlier part of the month the colour in the garden came mainly from the crocus, heathers and a few snowdrops.

Added to these were a few evergreens some in flower, and these, like the crocus, heathers and snowdrops, helped to brighten up the place prior to the snow that came towards the end of the month.


Luckily I have a heated greenhouse and I have been able to progress some plants during this otherwise inclement month.

The only problem is, due to the mainly leaden coloured skies the seedlings are lacking for light, and as a consequence, growth has been a bit limited.

As always, one has to be optimistic and patient, and just wait for nature to run its course.

Inside Greenhouse

Luckily we keep a number of plants in the house that are timed to flower at this time, and these added a bit of colour around the place, when very little else is in bloom!
Hyacinth & Daffodils


As last month, all that can be done on the allotments is preparatory and maintainance work such as preparing the greenhouse beds and repairing damage glass in the greenhouses, and harvesting any crops as they become ready.

This month I decided to do some major refurbishment to a forty year old plus greenhouse which was in dire need of repair.

Basically most of the timber is rotten and in need of replacement, so I set about this by replacing alternate rafters (for economic reasons) on the roof.

When these were replaced, I decided to cover the roof timbers with tunnel grade PVC rather than glass, again for economic reasons.

Once the roof was replaced I set about removing and refixing the glass on the sides of the greenhouse and replacing timber as required.

But for the weather I would have completed this task meaning I will have to wait until the weather improves before I can complete it!

This is the progress to date;


Before work commenced


Roof and one side repaired


This side is still in progress

Elsewhere on the allotments there was not much change from last month other than the Daffodils were budding and the garlic had grown slightly.
Daffodils in Bud
Developing Garlic

The newly repaired roof has worked very well under these conditions!

In fact the snow seems to have been shed better than it did when the roof was glazed, this can only be a good thing as it allows more light into the greenhouse when natural light is generally low at this time of the year!

New Roof clear of Snow

The hoop iron supports have collapsed under the weight of the snow, hopefuly the Onions & Garlic beneath are OK!

The budded Daffodils seem to have survide the snow quite well.

I hope those in my garden at home do equally as well considering the amount of snow that is covering them.

Collapsed Netting Supports
Daffodils Coping with the Snow

The fruit bed seems to be OK the exapanse of snow in the foreground is covering my strawberries.
Fruit Bed under now

This is the view of my 3 Greenhouses and Compost Heap set

All in all I am quite happy to see that the weather has not affected my allotments a great deal.

All I need now is some milder weather to take away the snow and allow me to prepare for some planting ot over the next couple of months.

My Greenhouses & Compost Heaps

Here is a slide show showing a few other things that are going on this month.

..........and that concudes my blog for March 2013

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