My Garden & Allotments in February 2013


Like January, February has been a right mixed bag in terms of the weather.

Apparently it has been colder than normal with temperatures being much lower for the time of the year.

They struggled to reach 1°-2°C (34°-37°F) when we could reasonably expect 6°- 8°C (43°- 46°F)

It has also been quite a dry month, with the rainfall being around half the monthly average.

In the second week of the month we had a fair amount of snow, then we had the added chill factor from the 50 mph winds coming in from Siberia making it feel colder still.

These are a few pictures of my garden taken during the month. (click on pictures to enlarge)

View from Sitting area
View towards Herbaceous border
Front Garden

Here are a few views from other parts of the garden during the month;


Shrubbery Covered in Snow
Hebe armstrongii
Hebe armstrongii

Trellis & Camellia
Camellia buds

Spring Bulbs emerging
Jasmine nudiflorum

Heather bed

White Heather
Purple Heather
Mixed Heathers
Heathers in the Snow


Pots covered in Snow
Pots on Patio
Snowdrops in Bloom
Various Spring bulbs

Snow scenes


Bits & Pieces

Crocus & Violets

Growing under cover

At this time of the year there is not lot to do in the greenhouse apart from ensuring that seeds on hot bed do not dry out.

During the first week of the month, I took delivery of my seed potatoes so I set them up to 'chit', plus I took a number of Chrysanthemum cuttings.

Inside Greenhouse
Chitting potatoes
Chrysanthemum cuttings

Some seedlings on the hotbed

Begonia & Impatiens
Mirabilis jalapa
Various Seed Varieties

Plants hardening off in the coldframes

Coldframe Covered in Snow
Garlic & Potato Onions
Garlic,Shallots & Potato Onions

A few of my houseplants.

Pelargoniums and Hyacinth


My Allotments

Basically all that can be done on the allotments is preparatory and maintainance work such as preparing the greenhouse beds and repairing damage glass in the greenhouses, and harvest any crops as they become ready.

Views across the plots

Looking up Plot 20
Looking up Plot 21
Looking down Plot 21

Some of the crops

Fruit bed
Daffodils emerging
Japanese Onions
Savoys & Br.Sprouts

Soil Preparation in the Greenhouses

12'' x 8' before and after
28' x 8'
8'x 6' Ring Culture
Tunnel beds before and after

As mentioned previously much of the work done on the the allotments this month was maintainance work on two of my greenhouses!

During the high winds last October about 40% of the glass blew out of my 8' x 6' greenhouse so I replaced this.

Once this was completed, I started major refurbishment of my 28' x 8' greenhouse which I estimate to be at least forty years old, as it was becoming rather worse for wear hence the refurbishment!

28ft Greenhouse
8' x 6' Greenhouse

.............and that concludes my blog for February 2013!

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