Propagating Tasks in April


Like last month, this is another busy month, with many varieties of plants needing propagating.

It should now be possible, to place some of your more hardy seedlings out in a Coldframe to Harden off.

Having said that, err on the side of safety, and keep your seedlings in a frost free environment if weather predictions are for continuous cold / freezing weather.

Keep a piece of agri-fleece at hand to throw over your seedlings in the coldframe if an overnight frost is forecast.


Week 14 - 2nd Apr. to 8th Apr.

Sow African Marigolds, Basil, Cabbage (summer), Calendula, Canterbury Bells, Centaurea, Cerinthe, Chrysanthemum annuals, Clarkia, Coleus, Cosmos, Cytisus, French Marigolds, Godetia, Gunnera, Helianthus, Helleborus, Iberis, Impatiens balsamina, Kniphofia, Lathyrus / Sweet Peas, Leeks, Loosestrife, Lunaria, Nerium, Onions (spring), Orache, Phlox paniculata, Sidalcea and Tagetes.

Collect and sow Helleborus seeds.

Prick out Alyssum, Antirrhinum, Arthropodium, Calabrese, Cauliflower (summer) Celery, Chilli, Convolvulus, Hebe, Limnanthes, Melon, Mimosa, Pansy, Portulaca, Potentilla, Schizanthus and Sweet Peppers if large enough to handle.

Take Anacyclus, Delphinium, Ferns, Gloxinia, Lupin, Passiflora and Physostegia cuttings.

Layer Abelia and Calluna / Heathers.

Divide Achillea, Cymbidium / Orchids, Delphiniums, Eryngium, Ferns, Gloxinia, Lupin, Osteospermum, Physostegia and Sedum.

Propagate Suckers from various shrubs / trees.

Harden off Lobelia and Onions.

Pot up Celosia and Fuchsia.

Commence Chrysanthemum stopping programme.


Week 15 - 9th Apr. to 15th Apr.

Sow Albizia, Briza, Coriander, Clerodendrum, French beans, Gaillardia, Gypsophila, Marjoram, Mimulus, Nemophila, Nigella, Potato, Reseda, Rhubarb and Verbascum seeds.

Prick out African Marigolds, Actinidia, Agrostemma, Anomatheca, Aubretia, Auricula, Broad beans, Begonia, Brachycome,Callistephus, Celery, Crepsis, Echinacea, Eschscholtzia, French Marigolds, Impatiens balsamina, Laurentia, Mesembryanthemum, Nemesia, Nicotiana, Nolana, Papaver / Poppy, Physostegia, Rudbeckia, Tagetes, Thyme and Verbena seedlings if large enough to handle.

Pot up Dahlia and Surfinia cuttings if rooted.

Pot up Sweet potato slips immediately on receipt.

Take Agrostemma, Bacopa and Billbergia cuttings.

Divide Gerbera, Heuchera and Hostas.

Move Calabrese (early) and Cauliflower (summer) seedlings into coldframe to harden off.

Remove growing tip from Petunias.

Sever layered Blackberry ,Loganberry and Tayberry cuttings.

If weather conditions are suitable, divide established Aquilegia plants and replant the divisions immediately.


Week 16 - 16th Apr. to 22nd Apr.

Sow Alyssum, Bidens, Borage, Cactus, Carrots, Chionodoxa, Chives, Crocus, Echium, Fatsia japonica, Gourds, Hesperis, Lavatera, Lavender, Lupin, Oxalis, Parsley, Peas, Pumpkin, Squash and Watermelon seed.

Prick out Ageratum, Aquilegia, Basil, Cabbage (summer), Calendula, Canterbury Bells, Centaurea, Cerinthe, Chrysanthemum annuals, Clarkia, Cosmos, Dianthus chinensis, Godetia, Helianthus, Iberis, Mimulus, Orache, Phlox drummondii, and Tropaeolum / Nasturtium if large enough to handle.

Pot up Aloe offsets, Clerodendrum, Colutea and Laurus noblis (Bay) cuttings.

Take Alstroemeria, Azalea, Carnation, Lavender, Penstemon and Physalis cuttings.

If weather conditions are suitable, divide established Alstroemeria, Canna, Chionodoxa, Crocus, Geum, Physalis and Sidalcea plants and replant the divisions immediately.

Collect Chionodoxa and Crocus seeds.

Place Aubergines, Brussels Sprouts, Callistephus, Celery, Ipomea and Pansy in coldframe to harden off.


Week 17 - 23rd Apr. to 29th Apr.

Sow Beetroot, Cabbage (autumn), Catananche, Chicory, Coriander, Courgette, Cucumber, Endive, Freesia, French beans, Kohl rabi, Linaria, Marrow, Pulmonaria, Rosemary, Runner beans, Sage, Spinach and Sweet Corn.

Prick out Campanula, Gaillardia, Gypsophila, Nemophila, Nigella, Pumpkin, Reseda, Sidalcea, Viola and Watermelon if large enough to handle.

Place Antirrhinums, Brachycome and Echinacea in cold frame to harden off.

Divide Bamboo, Houtuynia and Kniphofia if required.

Take Convallaria and Eleagnes cuttings.

Plant out early sowing of Spring Onions and cover with cloches.

Cut off faded Sedum flower heads down to ground level if not done previously.


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