This section of the website has been produced to give you the gardener,and non gardener for that matter, something to do when perhaps the weather is inclement, or as a means of relaxing after a tiring day.

To play these jigsaws on a Mac / Windows click on a thumbnail picture to open the jigsaw puzzle.

The number in parentheses (x) is the number of pieces in the jigsaw.

If using a mobile device e.g. an iPad, you will be required to down load the appropriate app from the ITunes app store.

This can be downloaded free of charge here:

The pictures for these jigsaws have been sourced from the blog and data pages within this website, meaning that apart from building the jigsaw, you can also find data relating to its content.

So not only are these jigsaws a relaxing pastime, they can also be educational.

Although this software is capable of creating jigsaws in excess of 500 pieces the plan on this site is to keep the jigsaw size to below 100 pieces.

The reason for this is simply this:

When building a jigsaw in excess of this number of pieces (100+) on an iPad or similar, the screen becomes rather congested, and many of the pieces sit on top of each other making it much more difficult to locate the piece/s you want.

This is not the case on PC's /Macs with larger screens..

Another reason is that puzzles of this size will probably take up to fifteen minutes to complete subject to your dexterity, meaning that you could nip into the website to get the information you came for, do a 'quickie' jigsaw and be out again within 15-20 minutes.

On the subject of 'speed' there is a facility on the site to compete against other users if desired.

In the event that you need Info/Help this can be found here:

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