Free Liquid Templates

Firstly I would like to thank you guys for supplying me with the foundation on which to build this website.

Similarly I would like to thank you guys for teaching me how to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) without which I could never have laid out this website

Adobe .com - Dreamweaver

With the aid of Dreamweaver I was able to connect the tuition I received at W3 to the template I received from FLT and build this website ....thanks guys!

I would also like to thank my family, friends and fellow gardeners,who along with members of various societies have directly or indirectly helped me over the last forty odd years to gain the experience to enable me to build this website.

Garden Related Links


The Royal Horticultural Society

The society that encourages the science,art and practice of horticulture.

The National Dahlia Society

A registered charity seeking to promote The Dahlia.

The National Chrysanthemum Soc.

A society promoting the cultivation of The Chrysanthemum.

The British Fuchsia Society

Cultural advice from societies from around the world.

The National Vegetable Society

For gardeners interested in Vegetables.

Allotments and Leisure Gardeners

Helping all to enjoy the recreation of gardening.

Allotments 4 all

A forum for allotment gardeners.

Aeron Vale Allotments Society

Has allotment growing information with tips, sources of advice and news.

Seacroft Hall allotments

An allotment diary.

The Saunder's allotment

Information on the upkeep of an allotment.

Garden Organic (HDRA)

An organisation dedicated to researching and promoting Organic Gardening.

Home from Home

Ramblings of a friend at home and in her garden.

Debby's Gardening links

Hints and tips about gardening in the UK

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