Welcome to the fifth edition of The Gardener's Almanac.

This revision was brought about to try and make the site more user friendly to Tablet and Smart Phone users by creating a more liquid browser layout.

It was also an opportunity to make a few improvements to image displays.

This was done by changing the slide show format from Adobe Flash software to 'WMV Video and Audio format', thus allowing iPod and iPad users to view them by means of an app that is available in the iTunes store.

Similarly, any data that may have changed over the last ten years since the author last summarized his diaries was amended.

The purpose of this almanac remains the same and that is:

To supply simple information and weekly guidance on tasks that can be carried out in various parts of the garden or the allotment.


Site navigation is as before and that is:

Enter the site by clicking on the title of any month on the home page, this will display a drop down menu showing various locations in a typical garden.

Select the area you desire and this will take you to a programme of weekly tasks.

Rolling the mouse over the various tasks on these pages, will highlight links to more specific information on these tasks.

In order to keep the information brief a list of related links* will often accompany the data,thus saving you the need search the site for further data that may need to clarify certain points within the brief.

*These Related Links are written in general terms, meaning that the instructions might need a little adjustment to suit the particular situation.

To return to the index/s, click on the home button on the top toolbar.

Clicking on images will enlarge them, or on occasions lead you to a slide show.

Information Source:

To produce the information contained in this website the author has summarised data from diaries he has kept since 1986.

In the main this website / almanac has been constructed to highlight to the reader, tasks for a given time of the year, and not as an in depth information package on gardening.

As with much gardening literature, location can play a large part in the accuracy of the data!

To this end the author has produced a reference chart here that will allow the reader to adjust the information given in these pages to suit his / her own location.

A few words of advice when using this information;

"Let common sense prevail"

It is not imperative, to carry out any task/s at the times shown in this almanac simply because it says so.

If the weather or soil conditions are not in a fit state to carry out the task/s stated, then delay the timing until such times as they are.

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