The Fruit Garden in October


This can be quite a busy month in the fruit garden in terms of preparing for, and planting out, new fruit shrubs / trees.

The tasks listed below can be done at any time between now and Week 12/13 the following year; so to that end they do not necessarily require doing in the order listed.

In other words do them in the order that best suits your situation.


Week 40 - 30th Sep. to 5th Oct.

Prepare site for, and plant new Apple, and Pear trees.

Ditto Blueberry, Billberry, and Cranberry cuttings, or purchased stock.

Ditto new Black / Red and White currants, Blackberry, Gooseberry bushes and Loganberry, Raspberry, and Tayberry canes.

Ditto Grape vines.

Other types of fruit trees that can planted now are; Cherry, Filberts & Hazlenuts, and Peach trees.


Week 41 - 6th Oct. to 12th Oct.

Prune Black, Red and White currants if not done earlier in the season.

Ditto Gooseberry bushes.

Feed Black / and White currants.

Mulch established Strawberry plants.

Prepare supports for new Blackberry, Loganberry, Raspberry, Tayberry plants.


Week 42 - 13th Oct. to 19th Oct.

Continue with the tasks listed above.


Week 43 - 20th Oct. to 26th Oct.

Continue with the tasks listed above.


Week 44 - 27th Oct. to 2nd Nov.

Continue with the tasks listed above.


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