There are large numbers of woodlice in my garden, will they do any damage and what can I do about them?

In small numbers woodlice are not generally serious pests.

Their main food is decaying plant material and they are often found on plants that have already been damaged by other pests and diseases.

However, they can sometimes reach nuisance proportions, and seedlings may be eaten off at ground level, plus the stems, leaves and roots of older plants may be attacked.

Woodlice feed mostly at night and during the day will hide in moist, cool places where there is lots of debris to provide shelter.

They can, therefore, become abundant in neglected gardens.

To reduce numbers, clear up accumulated plant debris and garden rubbish, and keep greenhouses and other areas clean and tidy.

Dust or spray infested areas with a suitable pest control.

You can also trap woodlice by putting down bait such as potato, turnip, orange etc and then dispose of them with chemicals or simply by pouring boiling water on them.


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