Can you tell me how and when to prune raspberries?

Prune summer fruiting raspberries as soon as the fruit has been picked.

Cut out all the old canes that have carried fruit down to ground level.

Select six to eight of the strongest new canes made this season and tie them into place on the supporting wires.

Any thin, weak canes should be cut out at ground level.

The canes that are retained will fruit next summer.


What will have eaten the elongated holes out of my raspberry leaves?

The damage was caused by the raspberry sawfly.

Although the damage looks quite severe, attacks are usually reasonably light and general growth and cropping are very rarely adversely affected.


The backs of my raspberry leaves were white with what I presume was some sort of disease, can you suggest what it was, and how can I prevent it next year?

The disease is likely to be powdery mildew, which in some years can be very severe.

It is generally encouraged by dryness at the roots and by overcrowding of the canes.

Thin out the canes in Oct/Nov (or after fruiting) to allow adequate space between them and keep watered in dry spells in spring and summer next year.

Should the disease still attack the plants, apply a sulphur or systemic fungicide.


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