Passiflora / Passion flower

Is the fruit of the passion flower grown in gardens in the UK edible?

The fruits are not very palatable and are full of pips.

The common passion flower grown in this country is Passiflora caerulea, whereas the commercial fruit variety is the tropical species Passiflora edulis, which would have to be grown under glass in this country (UK)


I am led to believe that parts of the Passion flower relate to Christ's Passion, could you explain?

It is said that it was Spanish missionaries when visiting South American countries used the Passion flower to illustrate the story of the Passion, it goes as follows;

The three stigmas look very much like nails, and represent the three nails that held Christ to the Cross.

There are five stamens, and these were used to help fix in people's minds that there were five wounds.

The rings of slender filaments in the corona, represents the crown of thorns.

The hand-like leaves and whippy tendrils were the hands and whips of those who scourged him.

There are five petals and five sepals, these represent the apostles who were present at the time.

Peter and Judas did not attend the crucifixion.


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