I have grown parsnips but I am not sure when to lift and how to store them, can you advise me please?

Parsnips are perfectly hardy and need not be lifted and stored.

They can be left in the ground through the winter then lifted when required.

In winter, the roots can be covered with straw to prevent the ground freezing solid around the roots, thus making it easier to lift them.


My parsnips have quite a lot of brown scars down the side, they are only skin deep, i.e.they peel off.

What I would like to know is; what is causing this and is there a cure?

The damage is caused by underground slugs which feed on potatoes and parsnip.

They bore deeply into potatoes but only affect the surface of parsnips.

Prevent damage watering the soil in late spring to early summer with the biological control, e.g nematodes.


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