This year several of our peony flowers failed to develop, the flower heads drooped and turned brown.

What caused this?

This sounds like paeony blight, which is a species of the botrytis fungus.

Infection is carried over in the soil and gains entry into the young shoots as they grow in spring.

Next year, when the shoots first appear, drench the soil around them with a suitable fungicide.


Can you give me some cultural instructions on my tree peony lutea?

Grow your peony plant in a sunny, sheltered site, in good, well drained soil.

Feed in the spring with a general fertiliser.


l have a clump of peonies that do not flower, can you tell me why?

They are probably lacking nourishment.

Feed the soil around the clump with a general fertiliser in early spring and mulch the ground with a good dressing of well rotted manure or compost.

Keep them well watered in dry spells.

If the plant does not respond to this treatment, it may be necessary to lift it in October or March and divide it.

Replant the divisions in well-prepared fertile soil at the same depth as before.


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