Orchids and Cymbidiums

My Coelogyne cristata orchid has grown well but it has not flowered, can you tell me where I am going wrong?

Coelogyne cristata is small-growing orchid that should flower in the spring.

But unless it is given a definite rest in the winter, it is not likely to flower very well, and this is probably why your plant has not flowered yet.

At the end of the growing season, withhold water from the plant and keep it dry.

The green pseudo-bulbs will shrivel, but do not worry, as they will soon recover when watering is resumed in the spring.

Coelogynes also resent disturbance, and should be repotted only when they have outgrown their containers.


I have a cymbidium and it seems to be full of green bulbs, does this mean that it needs repotting?

If so, when should it done?

The green bulbs are pseudo-bulbs, and repotting is not usually necessary every year.

Re-potting should be done only when the plant is overcrowded in the pot.

The best time to split them and repot them is in May, or after the flowers have faded.

This should give the plants time to recover and make new growth before the end of the season.


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