When is the best time to sow grass seed and at what rate should it be sown?

The middle of September is an ideal time to sow a lawn.

Before sowing, rake the ground to level it, and remove stones and other debris.

Sow the seed at the rate of 40gm (1┬Żoz) per sq.m.

Sow the seed as evenly as possible, if necessary divide the area into square metres with canes or string lines so that the same amount of seed is sown in each area.

After sowing, gently rake the surface of the lawn.

If the weather is dry use a sprinkler to keep the soil evenly moist, and the seed should germinate in 7-10 days.


My lawn is being ruined by chafer grubs, and I am having great difficulty in finding products to cure this, can you suggest something?

Legislation has taken many suitable products off the market so nematodes seem be the best bet now.

Thoroughly soak and scarify the lawn before applying the nematodes, and this will ensure the can penetrate the lawn more easily.

Chafers feed from June onwards, eventually pupating the following spring.


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