Do you have a recipe for making tufa cement blocks for a rock garden?

Measure out 2 parts (by volume) sifted sphagnum moss peat, 1 part coarse sand, and 1 part cement.

Then mix the ingredients thoroughly whilst dry, then add water.

Mix thoroughly until the mixture is of a consistency that can be cast into blocks.

This mixture can also be used for covering old, glazed, kitchen sinks to make an alpine or miniature garden.

Clean the sinks thoroughly, chip the glaze on the exterior of the sink, coat it with a pva bonding agent to give good adhesion.

Trowel the tufa mix onto the sides of the sink after the p.v.a has dried.

The surface can be textured to your own requirements, e.g. smooth, scalloped, or serrated/scratched, the choice is yours.


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