Is it possible to grow gooseberry bushes from cuttings, if so, when is the best time to take them?

The best time to take them is in early autumn.

Select sturdy shoots from the current season growth, and cut them into 200-250mm (8”-10”) lengths, remove all the lower buds to leave four at the top.

Form a groove in a sheltered bed, fill it with sharp sand and insert the cuttings, to half their length 150mm (6”) apart.

The cuttings may take up to 12 months to root.

When rooted, they can then be lifted and planted out into their permanent positions.


My gooseberry plants didn't produce many berries this year and the leaves were covered in dark spots, what is the problem?

It suggests you have had Gooseberry leaf spot fungus.

If your bushes are quite old, then replacing them with new bushes is the answer.

Choose a variety that is resistant to the fungus, and plant them in a different bed.


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