When should I start my pot cyclamen into growth again?

Start your plant into growth around the end of July, particularly if it is showing signs of new growth.

Repot the plant, but do not move it into too large a pot, i.e. select a pot that will just accommodate the tuber.

Start watering sparingly until growth is active.

Place the plant in shady spot or cold frame until September, avoiding direct sunlight.


The leaves on my potted cyclamen have started to turn yellow and shrivel, can you tell me how to stop this happening?

The leaves of your cyclamen may be yellowing because the plant is in a draught or the air is too warm and dry, or that it has been over watered.

Keep the plant/s in a cool room with plenty of light but out of direct sunlight.

Give the soil a good soaking when the soil begins to dry out and allow surplus water to drain away.

Never leave the plant standing in water as this will cause waterlogging, do not water again until the soil shows signs of dryness.


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