Are angel's trumpets the same as datura and are they dangerous to animals?

Angel's trumpets is the common name, for Datura, now renamed as Brugmansia sanguinea.

It is a very poisonous plant, but providing the sap or leaves are not ingested into the body they should cause no serious problems.


I have a datura (brugmansia) growing in a 250mm (10") terracotta pot and the leaves are turning yellow and falling off, what can be causing this?

It is natural for datura leaves to turn yellow and fall from the base upwards.

However, this also a symptom of red spider mite activity.

These mites are very tiny and can only just be seen with the naked eye.

They cause a white mottling on the leaves and in a bad attack fine webs are formed.

If you find any signs of the pest spray the plant with a suitable insecticide regularly.


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