Watering Baskets & Planters

Even after bouts of heavy rain, it is surprising how little water will actually reach the compost in a basket or container due to the umbrella effect of the plants foliage!

This fact often results in the said containers becoming quite dry despite the rain.

Hanging baskets can also dry out quite quickly due to both the umbrella effect and the fact that the basket is often subjected to drying winds, meaning at the height of summer, containers may require watering more than once per day.


A hose pipe is generally the most convenient method way of doing this, particularly, if it is fitted with a U shaped lance.

When locating baskets and containers, always locate them at a height that is convenient for watering.

There are now spring loaded devices available to fit to your hanging basket that allows you to pull it down to the height most suitable for watering.

As an alternative, revive hanging baskets and portable containers by soaking them in a bucket of water.

Submerge the whole pot, root ball and all, and leave it for a couple of minutes to soak through.

Once all the air bubbles have escaped, remove it from the bucket and let it drain before replacing it in its flowering location.

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