Garden Rake

Rakes like many garden tools have been designed to suit particular uses in the garden.

For example wire rakes are designed to scarify lawns, and steel rakes to level the surface of the soil prior to planting and sowing.

The wire or lawn rake consists of around twenty wire tines (teeth) and is primarily used for scarifying thatch / dead moss from a lawn.

They can also be used for collecting leaves together.

The steel garden rake come in a number of widths the most common being the twelve toothed variety.

These are useful for levelling the soil to a fine tilth and removing surface detritus such as dead weeds and small stones.

They can also be used for creating shallow furrows/drill to sow seeds in.

This is done by turning the rake at an angle with the teeth pointing upwards, then pulling the corner of the rake through the soil to scrape out a shallow trench /furrow/drill.

Afterwards the rake is used to rake back the soil to cover the seeds after sowing.

Warning: this tool should never be left lying flat on the ground with teeth upper-most.

To tread on the teeth when it is this position may cause the handle to rise unexpectedly with painful results.

Similarly it could penetrate the sole of your footware again with painful results.

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