Skimmia is a evergreen shrub originating from the Himalayas to China and Japan.

They are grown for their shiny evergreen leaves, flowers and berries.

The flower buds are quite attractive through the winter months and these are followed by clusters of fragrant flowers in spring.


In Bud

Bud Cluster

In Flower

Flower Head

Subject to the plants being either dioecious* or hermaphrodite* will determine if the shrub/s will produce berries after flowering.

*dioecious are of a single sexed, whereas hermaphrodite can be both.

This means you will require both a male and female variety if they are dioecious to produce berries.

Shrubs will grow to around 1m high (39") with a similar spread.

They need well drained humus rich soil, that is not too rich in fertiliser, to perform at their best.

They will also grow quite well in containers.

They are quite hardy and are suited to areas of semi or full shade.

If subjected to full sun they may become chlorotic.

Any necessary pruning and tidying up should be carried out after flowering.

Circa week 26-30: Increase stock by taking semi-hardwood cuttings.

Skimmia can also be propagated from seed.

Circa Week 40: Collect the berries, extract the seed and sow in pots/trays of seed compost then place them in a coldframe to germinate.

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