Shrub and Tree Transplanting

Firstly prepare the new planting site in advance of lifting.

When lifting the plant/s, it is important to retain as many roots as possible.

Excavate a trench wide enough to allow plenty of room for undercutting the root ball.

A wide trench is also useful when you come to slip a sheet of plastic or sacking under the root ball.

Trim back any damaged roots with sharp secateurs or knife.

Bind wrapping around the root ball and secure with strong string this will prevent undue soil disturbance.

Heavy root balls are best moved on a plank and rollers, or a cart barrow.

Set the plant in a generous hole so that the top of the root ball is just below or level with the soil surface.

Untie wrapping, and pull it away from the underside of the tree.

Backfill the trench by treading in the soil with your feet to avoid wind rock.

If deemed necessary, drive a stake approximately 600mm (2ft) into the soil.

Tie the tree / shrub to the stake with a purpose made expandable rubber tree tie.

Do not use wire or rope, otherwise, as the trunk expands, these will cut into the tree /shrub.

Incorporate a slow release fertiliser, e.g. Bonemeal and well rotted manure or compost at the same time.

If bad weather delays replanting, keep the root ball in good condition by periodically moistening the sacking or plunging it in moist peat.

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