Water Conservation



Water saving/collection:

Investing in one or two water butts not only helps to save water, but for those with a water meter it saves money too.

The butts can be located to collect rainwater from any downpipe on your house, garage, shed, greenhouse or conservatory.

The butts can be linked in series with plastic connecting fittings*, these connections ensure that; when the first butt is full, water flows through the connecting pipe to fill the second butt and so on.

*Available from DIY stores and garden centres.

Purpose Made Butt
DIY Butt
Butt Connector

Always replace the lid of the butt after use to discourage algae growing and prevent mosquitoes breeding.

When the butt runs dry, take the opportunity to scrub it out thoroughly, and remove any debris that's accumulated in the bottom.

This task should be done as a matter of course at least once a year.


Never water plants when the sun is on them as this will waste water through evaporation.

Mulching over the soil surface will prevent evaporation and so help to keep the soil below moist.

Never add mulch to dry soil or the mulch will draw water away from the soil instead of holding it in, soak the soil first.

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