Planting / Transplanting Trees and Shrubs



There are times when it is necessary to move a plant/tree that has grown too large for its position.

Prior to attempting such a task a few considerations should be made to minimise risk of failure, for example;

One should consider what is involved and also consider if you feel sufficiently competent to tackle such a task, or would it be better to employ a specialist.

Variety can often play a large part in the success or failure of such a move as some trees / shrubs resent root disturbance thus increasing the risk of failure.

Shrubs such as Cytisus, Cistus, Elaeagnus,and Magnolia resent root disturbance and can be tricky to move.

As a rule of thumb: the smaller the plant the better the chances of a successful transplant!


There are a couple of times in the year when it is considered best to move them and they are:

As a general rule deciduous trees can be moved between both these dates when the tree/shrub is dormant providing the soil and weather conditions allow

Prepare subject for lifting:

The root system of the tree/shrub to be moved will have developed a large root system so it is advisable that some months before moving the tree / shrub, you do some root pruning to reduce the rootball's overall size.

Prepare new location:

Lifting the tree/shrub to be moved:




Applying a thick mulch of organic matter will help conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

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