Garden Tools


When a new gardener looks through a tool catalogue, or at an array of tools on display in a garden centre, they may find it quite daunting.

This will often raise that perennial question; Which ones do I need?

A simple enough question but sadly one that has no definitive answer as many factors can influence the final selection! So where does one start?

This is again a difficult one to answer simply because the 'new gardener' may be governed by affordability and for this reason is forced into purchasing relatively cheap tools.

Sadly cheap tools can often work out more expensive in the long term because they can rapidly wear out, or break, meaning they have to be replaced after a short time.

Conversely better quality tools can often last a life time, something that cheaper tools rarely do!

Faced with such a scenario possibly the best answer would be: always buy the best quality you can afford!

Back to the question: Which tools do I need?

Initially a starter kit of a Spade, Fork, Hoe, Rake, Hand trowel, Hand fork, Dibber / Bulb planter, should cater for most of the tasks the novice gardener is likely to require in his/her first year.

Eventually and in the fullness of time there are a number of other tools that a 'new gardener' might need.

For example;

A watering can / hose pipe to ensure plants don't go dry.

Watering Can
Hose Pipe anf Fittings

A hand / pump spray to keep pests and diseases at bay

Hand Sprayer
Pump Sprayer

A wheelbarrow to cart soil from one end of the bed to the other when double digging, or to carry organic matter from the compost heap.


The list can go on and on, but it would suffice to say that if the new gardener has the tools listed above, these will cater for most of the gardening tasks that they are likely to be faced with as a novice gardener.

Other more specialist tools (see related links) can be purchased as and when the need arises!

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