Garden Tools - Bulb Planter


As an alternative to a hand trowel or dibber, the gardener can consider using a purpose made bulb planter.

The hand type are most suited to loose soil in the border as these can be pushed into the soil by arm pressure.

In areas of compacted soil e.g. lawns the foot assisted type would be more suitable.

Hand Type
Foot Type

Both tools, although designed for planting bulbs, can be used for planting other things, for example: Large plug plants, pot plants or seed potato tubers.

Their advantage over a dibber is the shape of the hole.

With the bulb planter the base of the hole is flat rather than pointed as it would be with a dibber, this means there is less likelyhood of leaving a void/gap under the transplanted plant.

Similarly a potato tuber is more likely to rest on the bottom of the hole, rather than half way down it!

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