Tomato Flowering Problems


The main problem met with the flowers on tomatoes is the lack of flower set (pollination).

Outdoors this is rarely a problem as there is generally an abundance of pollinators in the form of insects e.g. bees.

Indoors however might be a bit of a problem, so manual intervention is sometimes called for.

Sideshoot removal:

Depending upon the plant group i.e.indeterminate varieties (vines) that form a cordon, or determinate varieties that form bushes, side shoot removal might play a part in how floriferous a plant can be.

For example: removing side shoots from indeterminate varieties is normal practice but in determinate varieties this would result in no flowers.

Sideshoot Removed

Dry set:

The failure of flowers to pollinate due to a lack of humidity or high/low temperatures can sometimes be a problem.

Lack of humidity or excessively high temperatures e.g. above 38°C (100°F) can cause pollen to desiccate before it has a chance to fertilise the flower.

Conversely, low temperatures below 10°C (50° F) may result in poor pollination, this is more probable with outdoor culture.

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