Soil - Peaty


Peaty soils are generally acidic, and contain more organic material than other soils due to the acidity inhibiting decomposition of plant life.

This type of soil contains fewer nutrients than most other soils and is prone to water-logging.

With good management and use of fertiliser and artificial drainage excellent plants can be grown.

When cultivating peaty soils first check the pH then amend the acidity to suit the needs of the plants being grown.

Secondly ensure there is good drainage, unless bog plants are to be grown.

Peaty soil is vulnerable to heat loss on cold nights, especially if the surface has been recently tilled, and / or is dry.

In such conditions, and if frost is forecast, firm and water the surface and / or cover with fleece or pvc.

It is better to plant out / sow in spring rather than in autumn.

Peaty soils have a tendency to dry out in summer, and are often difficult to re-wet.

Watering regularly will alleviate this problem.

Do not use green manures, these may be slow to decompose and so raise acidity levels.

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